Jordan Smith, 2016
Midland HS Salutatorian

St. John’s Lutheran School was a great source of spiritual and academic instruction and growth for me. The staff all strove to raise up and encourage the students in the faith, which created an environment where perpetual spiritual growth and learning was not only possible, but also natural. The impact of being surrounded by God’s people regularly and of having mature Christians to turn to for godly advice cannot be overstated, especially for most school-age Christians who are not yet very mature in the faith. Since I’ve graduated, I have never seen another environment as conducive to spiritual growth as St. John’s Lutheran School.


I grew up at St. John’s Lutheran Church and School, with myself and all three of my brothers attending St. John’s.  One of the major differences from St. John’s and the public schools is that we learned respect:  respect for our teachers, our parents, other adults, as well as our classmates! We also had great teachers – I chose my career path due to Mr. Koschmann’s fun science lessons.  And when I got to high school, I was way ahead in most subjects because of the strong academics at St. John’s.
                                                 Nathan Sleight, Beaverton HS Class of 2011 Valedictorian

I had the opportunity to attend St John’s in the early-2000’s, and I recently stumbled across a yearbook from my class.  Looking through, I realized that the students at St John’s have become extremely successful – regardless of how you look at the data (spiritually, socially, professionally, and families that have been established). I believe that a portion of that success is attributed to the values that we learned while at St John’s – your curiosity mattered more than the quality of a science fair project, your honesty and integrity more than your report card, and your humility more than your popularity. The humble faithfulness of every teacher, staff, and faculty member left an impact on me that I still benefit from.
                                               Tim Kelch, Midland HS Class of 2006