St. John’s uses the McGraw-Hill Reading Series that integrates with their Spelling and English textbooks.  The students stories flow into their work on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling, providing great continuity.


St. John’s has a tremendous school library with over 10,000 titles, including fiction, non-fiction, and reference books.  The books are shelved in different areas for preschool, early readers, middle-grades, and teen/young adult.  We use a web-based inventory system called LIBRARY WORLD and all children are issued a School Photo ID library card each year to track the books as they are checked out and returned.

Mrs. Jan Sleight Media Specialist

The Library is managed by Mrs. Jan Sleight, with help from a host of volunteers.

Children listen to a story in the Book Nook

Students in Preschool age 4 through grade 8 all have a designated library time each week;  younger children visit the “Book Nook” for a story before choosing one or two books each week.

March is Reading Month” brings a new book theme each week; with an “Escape from the Library”  game during Mystery Week!


Accelerated Reading Wall

St. John’s maintains a subscription to the web-based Renaissance Learning AR Program, allowing students to take online reading comprehension tests on books they have read.  Each student in grades 1-8 is issued a unique login and password to access their specific reading goals and track points earned for each title.

The upper grade students have point requirements each quarter as part of their ELA grade, encouraging not only reading, but also comprehension.  There is an “AR POINTS” wall located in the main hallway, where students can view their yearly point progress.  Awards are given at the end of the year for superior age-appropriate achievement.


St. John’s participates in the city-wide competition with a team(s) of 4th and 5th grade students from other Midland elementary schools.  The program launches in November and the students read up to 20 specific titles before moving to the competition in late January through mid-February.  Our Battle of the Books program is managed by Jessica Strefling, our Grade 3/4 teacher, with assistance from a host of parent volunteers.