Band Concert scheduled for Thursday, May 23

MUSIC FESTIVAL:  Click HERE for a list of 2019 Participants

St. John’s students have the option to participate in a spring music festival with other area Lutheran schools in the Greater Bay Region.  Students of all ages may elect to perform a vocal solo, duet, or group selection.  Students may also choose to perform an instrumental solo, duet, or small group selection; this can include their band instrument as well as piano, violin, guitar, or any musical instrument they play outside of the St. John’s band.  Performances are judged and participants are awarded scores and ribbons.

CHOIR:  we have two levels of student choir

Choir Grades K-4

Grades K-4 students are in a choir led by Grade 1/2 teacher, Alaine Massey.
 Grades 5-8 students are in a choir led by Principal Brad Massey.
 Each choir will sing during church services multiple times throughout the academic year.



BAND:    we have two levels of student band

Grade 5 students are in “Beginning Band”; they choose an instrument & learn the basics of playing it.
Grade 6-8 students are in “Advanced Band”; they continue with more advanced musical selections.
Both levels are taught by the Midland Public Schools Band teacher, Chris O’Connell.
Both bands will perform in a Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

Advanced Band
Advanced Band








Students in Grades 6-8 have the option to “ring bells” in the choir, led by Grade 3/4 teacher, Jessica Theimer.  The bell choir will perform at chapel and church services multiple times throughout the academic year.


An operetta is a Bible story, performed like a Broadway musical!  It includes a combination of actors, vocal solos, all children singing, and sometimes a little dancing!  St. John’s performs an operetta on alternating years in a rotation with other special fairs.  Past performances have included “Spend a While on the Nile” in 2017 (story of Moses) and Rock Slinger (story of David & Goliath) in 2015.  The children have an opportunity for stage performances while giving glory to God!